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Holleman Leases of cranes

We offer our clients optimum solutions to handle industrial devices, facilities from petrochemistry, installations for thermo-stations, with the help of proper cranes. All this, within the shortest term. In this purpose, we have our own cranes and, also, contractual relations with third parties who hold cranes of different capacities.
Our staff, skilled and experienced, is authorised by ISCIR and trained during some special courses.
Our services of industrial movements with the cranes are offered on limited term, for ad-hoc handlings, not for construction sites and long periods.
It is important to know in advance a possibility of handling with cranes, so we may perform the necessary preparations, to visit the work space and to draw up a price offer depending on real conditions.
It must be stated that, according to the disposals of ISCIR, the crane is liable of handlings up to the hook, the client or owner of goods having the obligation:
• to provide proper cables or elevating straps
• to insure other potential elements of elevation (shackles / clevis, links, etc.)
• to use proper elevation hooks, elevation piece, mounted on the object to be elevated or handled, depending on its characteristics.
On demand of the client, we may place at disposal elevation elements, such as cables, bands, shackles, etc.

Holleman CONTACT

- Localisation: Soseaua de Centura, no. 29. Jilava, Ilfov (at 2 km East of the crossroad Soseaua de Centura with Soseaua Giurgiului - DN5, towards A2)

Mr. Ovidiu Apreotesei
Mobile: 0040 0740 047 722
Phone: 0040 21 3506960 / 3213822
Fax: 0040 21 3202429

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